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JRC Prevails in Court, Media, and Bloggers Stating We Should be Killed

In Massachusetts Trial Court, June 20, 2018, a judge ruled that Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services could not end the consent decree permitting some students to receive a two second skin shock, a shock which I tried myself, and saved my brother's life from his life-threatening head banging, (On Defendant's Motion Under Probate and Family Court Rule 60 and Mass. R. Civ. P. 60(b)(5) to Vacate Consent Decree, Docket No. 86E-0018-GI).

I am including some behaviors of Massachusetts DDS which the judge noted:

Page 16, no. 79: The sentence "the number of persons who conceivably might require such treatment approach was so small that one program for the entire nation would be more than sufficient to meet any potential need," which was from a national expert who Massachusetts consulted with, was removed from the state memo "Policy Review of Aversive Interventions"

Page 22, no. 105: (quoted): The Massachusetts Attorney Meacham deleted a portion of the prior version of the report that reported on an interview with a "consultant who oversees the annual 'clearance' process from JRC with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)." The deleted section stated that according to the consultant, "JRC does not need to obtain FDA approval for list the [GED] devices because it does not intend to sell them; however, JRC continues to keep current with this clearance process."

Page 28, no. 127: Dr. Philip Levendusky, Chair of Psychology Department and Co-Director of Training at McLean Hospital, Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, who was hired by Massachusetts, "admitted on Day 20 of the hearing that he gave untrue testimony under oath during his initial testimony."

Page 35, no. 173: This notes that former JRC students and Massachusetts DDS staff who tried the shock testified the only side effect was temporary pain.

Page 34, 168: Dr. James T. McCracken, authored a study on Risperdal, which led to FDA approval for autism and includes in the approval "deliberate self-injuriousness." "Dr. McCracken admitted at the hearing that the study did not demonstrate the effectiveness of Risperdal specifically with respect to treat self-injurious behavior. In addition, Dr. McCracken admitted that in a recent lecture given by him, his presentation included that neither Risperdal nor Abilify [the only meds FDA approved for irritability in autism] reduced self-injurious behavior as compared to a placebo within the study, and that this was a 'big disappointment'".

The court also notes how the shock devices has been effective to treat life-threatening behaviors when nothing else worked.

After this court decision, some so called liberal media outlets on Facebook have been writing some sentences or having a one minute plus soundbite to condemn this decision. The soundbite took less than a week to make unlike my book which took over nine years to write discussing research at length with 361 footnotes. One of media outlets states they will delete anyone writing anything positive about JRC, so family members are silenced, so much for freedom of speech. Another one is allowing blog posts stating that JRC family members and staff should be executed or have a bullet put to our heads. By allowing these posts advocating violence or silencing dissent, their similarities with Alt-Right groups advocating for violence or silencing opposition far outweigh any differences they have.