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More Neglect at My Brother's NY Residence

One week ago, my mother took my brother Stuart to visit his twin Matthew at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts for a long weekend. Due to Stuart's behaviors, my mother had not been able to bring him to see his twin for months. One night my mother called me from the hotel telling me that Stuart's underwear were all ripped. Furthermore, Stuart told her he packed himself and he did not bring enough clothes despite that the staff was supposed to help him pack. Stuart then announced that for months, he only changes his underwear on Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays, when he showers, and he sleeps with them all night.

We complained to the staff, but could only make progress when my mother came down to his residence today and threw out all his torn underwear, so he would start to wear new ones. After my mother's and my insistence, he is now changing his underwear six days a week. He won't agree to change it on Saturdays.

So for all those so called human rights activists against aversives, where is their outrage about individuals with special needs wearing dirty torn clothes consistently only until a real advocate, in this case my mother, does something about it? Are they too busy complaining about JRC, that they don't have time to tackle real problems?