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CENSORED and Removed From Facebook Group for Posting Five Facts

Four days ago on the Queens Special Kids Facebook page, someone posted a link to an article, "Massachusetts school can continue using electic shocks on special needs students, judge rules."

The administrator wrote, "It can be discussed, but not in a way that is lauding the ruling or promoting or inviting promotion or legitimatizing of these practices." I knew I according to the rules I couldn't post how the two second skin shock saved my brother's life from his head banging requiring surgery, how he now has a paid job and is off medications for over 29 years, and how his identical twin who cold not receive effective treatment ended up on twenty medications and has no life. However, I thought at least I cold post five court facts.

I posted "Facts in the Court Decision," and then I wrote "(On Defendents's MOtion Under Probate and Family Court Rule 60 and Mass. Civ.P. 60(b) (5) to Vacate Consent Decree, Doctet No. 86E-0018-GI)," and "I am including some behaviors of Massachusetts DDS which the judge Noted:" For all else that I posted verbatim, please see my last blog post, "JRC Prevails in Court, Media, and Bloggers Stating We Should be Killed," for which I wrote the same five facts including quotes directly from the court decision, page 16, no. 79, page 22, no. 105, page 28, no. 127, page 35, no. 173 and page 34, no. 168.

A few minutes after posting it, the administrator PMeD me that she removed me from the group. while she wrote in a comment on her Facebook page earlier that she "feel[s] for family memebers who feel they have no other good options," I don't understand how you can remove a mother and a sister of individuals with autism if you truly feel for them, just for writing a few facts. This just makes me feel marginalized and isolated.

Apparently, I could not even write facts that conflicted with the admnistrator's agenda. How ironic that the people who are personally involved with this treatment are the ones who are banned from commenting.