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Self-Inflicted Human Rights Violations?

Last week, I posted an article, "CENSORED and Removed From Facebook Group for Posting These Five Facts." I wrote how the Queens Special Kids Facebook Group administrator removed me only for writing five court facts including page, reference numbers and quotes, responding to a discussion regarding the court decision on my brother Matthew's school, Judge Rotenberg Center, on the use of two second skin shocks, which stopped Matthew's life-threatening head banging requiring surgery.

Regarding the skin shocks, the administrator wrote, "[T]o me, this is a violation of human rights." Many families including myself, JRC staff, JRC attorneys, and even Massachusetts court judges before ordering the treatment, have tried the shock themselves. I tried it because I wanted to feel for myself what exactly my brother experienced. If the skin shocks are "a violation of human rights" then we have all committed self-inflicted human rights violations. A few weeks ago I visited Matthew and he was agitated with me and after returning to JRC when I had a flat tire. While JRC staff are accused of human rights violations, Matthew's case manager was emailing me until 12:30AM to find out what happened to see how she can help.

Last post I mentioned how the administrator stated that she "feel[s]" for us, but I do not think any anti-aversive activist would volunteer to try Matthew's identical twin brother Stuart's 20 medication regimen for a day and see what that feels like. Stuart is in a group home in NY and cannot obtain access to effective treatment.

Anti-aversive activists will state that there are other alternative treatments to eliminate these life-threatening behaviors. Unlike my book with 361 footnotes discussing multiple research studies showing that that other treatments are not always effective, not one of these anti-aversive activists cites a research study to defend their position- because they can't. While anti-aversive activists state they "feel" for us, what they really do is treat us as ignorant fools incapable of providing informed consents, even though many of the family members are MDs (including myself) PhDs, and JDs.

My mother and Matthew just got back from a trip to Niagara Falls. Stuart could not go due to his behaviors and Matthew missed him. Even though they are identical twins and the best of friends, due to the anti-aversive activists preventing Matthew from having skin shock in NY and Stuart from having effective treatment, they must live hundreds of miles apart and couldn't even spend a few days together on a trip. This is the true human rights violation.

PS: Last night I added a sentence to my Facebook Group "Special Needs Resources NY," stating "ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOME HERE." Whether I agree or disagree, as long as there is nothing hateful or containing personal attacks, I do not want anyone to ever feel excluded because their views.